Touring Beijing and The Great Wall

My first step in nature photography is one of the most classic ones. Yet, it’s so powerful that there is no doubt as to it’s significance. I got on board the friendly May Tours who are experts in the field of The Great Wall of China and offer Beijing Tours that are guaranteed to have a long lasting effect on you.

But being experts in the field is not enough, you need to go out there and that’s what I did. With May we had an absolutely stunning time. It was like an adventure into the historical and mystic roots of the country. While not everything captures well under the camera lens, there is once destination in Beijing that does so, without fail. The Great Wall of China is actually better understood at first through a professional lens. The rest, is the feeling which must be experienced first hand.

I hardly bothered with the tours in the city itself, but concentrated on the mountainous, clean, beautiful.. heart moving countryside that surrounds the city of Beijing. Enough babbling, I hope my picture speaks for the rest!

Greetings from Beijing,


  1. Kenneth April 14, 2014

    They don’t call The Great Wall of China as one of the wonders of the world for nothing. Impressive picture!

  2. Donald Cayn March 9, 2015

    I would love to go on a Beijing tour. The picture of the Great Wall is just so tempting… to visit China of course! Thanks, tacps rlz.

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