Wedding Photography Tips for Plus-Size Brides!

Wedding Photography Tips for Plus-Size Brides

Remember, the world is your oyster when your wedding day finally arrives – no matter how nervous you are it is YOUR DAY! It is normal to feel this way as you want to look stunning in pictures so you can remember this day and its special moments fondly. Plus-size brides are slightly more conscious at this time as their biggest worry is looking plump or obese in the photos.

First of all, banish those unwelcome thoughts – you are beautiful! And with a few pointers, you can overcome any anxiety in a jiffy, thereby allowing your radiance to shine through. Here goes:

  1. Okay, deep breaths, take a glass of water or champagne, and pull yourself together. It is necessary to get rid of any tension beforehand, or it is clearly reflected in your expressions when the photos are clicked.
  2. It is not about camouflaging – your curves should be enhanced in the right away by loosening the shoulders, pulling in your core and distributing the weight on one leg instead of both, as it helps you relax and be more comfortable in front of the camera. Never go for the straight-on approach – the shoulders should be inclined slightly away from the camera and your booty should be rested backwards.
  3. The trick is to accentuate your best angles – even though it is the photographer’s job to do so, keep in mind that a viewpoint can completely transform normal photos into extraordinary. A high vantage point is always advantageous as shooting downwards provides a slimming effect and perfectly captures all natural moments with the groom sans distractions. But then again, don’t overuse this angle or else the pictures will seem monotonous.
  4. Ask the photographer to take a few shots that focuses on your face from a decent distance – close-ups impart a lovely glow to your face and make you look extremely attractive.
  5. Covering your body shape with the bouquet is a common blunder made by brides as it doesn’t conceal anything and makes you look awkward. Hold the flowers in front of your abdomen as it highlights the curves splendidly without drawing away attention from your face. The posture should be exactly how it is discussed in the 2nd point.

When the photos are delivered, you will understand exactly how trivial factors can make a big difference. For more tips you can consult the photographer, but the best way to go about portrait sessions at the wedding is to have a good time and be happy. A genuine smile is easily distinguishable as compared to a fake one!

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