Love Strikes in Beijing City: Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild Hall

One of the best experiences you can have while taking photos, is to fall in love with what you photograph. That warm fuzzy feeling comes not when you want it to come, but unexpectedly grabs you after taking that golden shot. While many photos feel great because of the achievement and beauty, there are those that grow a long lasting bond between each other. One such experience has to be my photographing adventure to the Beijing Huguang Guild Hall that I absolutely fell in love with. On my first site of this theatre, I just knew that something magical was about to happen. But if I could actually capture what I had experienced on camera was something that I was uncertain of. Turns out, that this form of ancient Chinese performing arts is simply begging to be capture, photographed and shared with everyone.

Often pictures tell more than a thousand words, but this simply creates curiosity while at the same time expressing so much. It is perhaps because of this rather odd style of performance in these so called “Peking Opera” theaters that captures and entangles ones soul into the mix of beauty, laughter, elegance and something so historical that it smells with a strong flavour without giving away any secrets. While it’s easy to take good shots, the challenge is creating one that simply boggles the mind so that one simply has to go and see the Chinese opera for themselves. If the picture above I took doesn’t do that, nothing will. I have certainly fell in love with the hole art of opera in China, it simply wicked. If you are in Beijing, you HAVE TO go and visit the Huguang Guild Hall. Check it out my friends.

Adam Hall

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