Live Chaoyang Theater Acrobats Under the Lense

The Flying Acrobats in Beijing

For some time I have been mostly thinking about writing a book about photography. So not exactly something that would be suitable for the contents of my blog. Of course one day when I am near to release I might reveal something. But bettter not. Instead I have taken a break and went out to shoot photographs with a new fresh spice of, inspiration.

This time, I have had the help of my very good Chinese friend and his great Canon camera. Who is showing me how to shoot live images that move fast. So we were thinking where to go and see a lot of movement for like a minute! The obvious choice in the city of Beijing, is the ultra fantastic and gorgeus acrobats at the Chaoyang Theater. I had previously done a shoot there, but I realised that my pictures were static. While it’s one way to take photos, it’s not always a very realistic representative of what’s going on. In the case of the acrobatic performance, it was all about movement. Those still moments were very rear indeed.

In this picture, you can just see how the beauty of color is playing in a vibrant way. In many ways, colors leave a huge impact on speed and effectiveness. The stunts are just solid and make your jaws stop throughout the show. For that exact reason, the color choices were absolutely fantastic as well. Combined with a new camera lense that can leave those curvy, speed lines, while maintaining accuracy. I have achieved to make on of the best theatre shots of all time. So please enjoy and do go and enjoy yourself too at the prestegious Chaoyang Theater right in the hart of the Beijing capital.

See you next photo,
Adam Hall

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