Grief & Joy of a Changing Season

Bird in Melting Snow

It’s been a long winter, and I have absolutely loved it! And soon the most controversial time of the year is heading our way.. which is, spring of course. Because it’s sometimes hard to see winter go, just the beauty melts and another beauty comes. But the humand mind wants to stick to things.. it’s stupid in a way. Yet in another way, it is like that for a reason.. that saddness of letting something go, and adapting the new. Perhaps that is where a big part of the beauty of changing season is. Most people overlook that and think that it’s just a nasty feeling they want to get over with and continue to the next.

But what if for a day or two, you would just feel that emotion inside of you that wants you to hold on to the season, never to let go because you loved it so much. Just feel it.. and within that feeling of grief you start the transition and a new breeze. Most people might think they don’t enjoy that, but if you do it with passion.. it just might be the most inspirational time for you to put a new creative energy to the next season on line.

This picture of a bird sitting on top of melting snow was inspired by these thoughts. Hope you like it. And remember to enjoy the last moments of winter!


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