Acrobatic Photo Series Continues in Shanghai

Marvelous Acrobatic Show in Shanghai

Don’t you think it’s interesting that I first show the photo, and then write a description. It’s like when going to an art gallery, first you absorb the picture and only after that you look at the name of the artists, title and so on. Thus you can bring more context into the painting, or photo that you just saw. Such is definitely the case in my photography as well. In fact, I want to kind of give that first fresh shock of just seeing the picture in plain sight. That pure moment, is a moment to treasure. And it’s a moment that will never come back, especially after you’ve read these texts. Well, just thinking.

While this is an experience that I like to bring to people, now it definitely happened to me in a backwards kind of way. You see, I had no intention to go to Shanghai, and see yet another acrobatic show or anything like that. But I stumbled on the Shanghai Acrobatic Show page, which had such amazing photographs that it inspired me to go to Shanghai myself. So I went, according to their recommendation to Shanghai Centre Theatre, which is home to one of the oldest acrobatic troupes in China. It’s also known as “Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe”.

The performance was simply delightful and I could not get enough of watching these skilful acrobatics… Shanghai style! After a long and hard decision, I settled to the picture you are seeing above. It even shocked me how good of a picture I had made.

There was beauty all throughout the show, and I could just fly together with the performance. Not just with my imagination, but also together with the camera. This acrobatic show in Shanghai at Centre Theatre is highly recommended for those who like to “feast with their eyes”. And that’s my humble opinion! Thanks again for watching and reading.

Let’s treasure the moment!



  1. Martin Yong February 27, 2015

    Wow, I love this picture. Looks like a truly amazing acrobatic show, wanna see!=)

  2. Wilma Jouch March 18, 2015

    I am loving the acrobatic photo series because I am very interested in the Chinese art. Hope to see more in the future, but great to see that you are keeping up with quality and not posting too much.

    Much respect,

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