Live Chaoyang Theater Acrobats Under the Lense

The Flying Acrobats in Beijing

For some time I have been mostly thinking about writing a book about photography. So not exactly something that would be suitable for the contents of my blog. Of course one day when I am near to release I might reveal something. But bettter not. Instead I have taken a break and went out to shoot photographs with a new fresh spice of, inspiration.

This time, I have had the help of my very good Chinese friend and his great Canon camera. Who is showing me how to shoot live images that move fast. So we were thinking where to go and see a lot of movement for like a minute! The obvious choice in the city of Beijing, is the ultra fantastic and gorgeus acrobats at the Chaoyang Theater. I had previously done a shoot there, but I realised that my pictures were static. While it’s one way to take photos, it’s not always a very realistic representative of what’s going on. In the case of the acrobatic performance, it was all about movement. Those still moments were very rear indeed.

In this picture, you can just see how the beauty of color is playing in a vibrant way. In many ways, colors leave a huge impact on speed and effectiveness. The stunts are just solid and make your jaws stop throughout the show. For that exact reason, the color choices were absolutely fantastic as well. Combined with a new camera lense that can leave those curvy, speed lines, while maintaining accuracy. I have achieved to make on of the best theatre shots of all time. So please enjoy and do go and enjoy yourself too at the prestegious Chaoyang Theater right in the hart of the Beijing capital.

See you next photo,
Adam Hall

Wedding Photography Tips for Plus-Size Brides!

Wedding Photography Tips for Plus-Size Brides

Remember, the world is your oyster when your wedding day finally arrives – no matter how nervous you are it is YOUR DAY! It is normal to feel this way as you want to look stunning in pictures so you can remember this day and its special moments fondly. Plus-size brides are slightly more conscious at this time as their biggest worry is looking plump or obese in the photos.

First of all, banish those unwelcome thoughts – you are beautiful! And with a few pointers, you can overcome any anxiety in a jiffy, thereby allowing your radiance to shine through. Here goes:

  1. Okay, deep breaths, take a glass of water or champagne, and pull yourself together. It is necessary to get rid of any tension beforehand, or it is clearly reflected in your expressions when the photos are clicked.
  2. It is not about camouflaging – your curves should be enhanced in the right away by loosening the shoulders, pulling in your core and distributing the weight on one leg instead of both, as it helps you relax and be more comfortable in front of the camera. Never go for the straight-on approach – the shoulders should be inclined slightly away from the camera and your booty should be rested backwards.
  3. The trick is to accentuate your best angles – even though it is the photographer’s job to do so, keep in mind that a viewpoint can completely transform normal photos into extraordinary. A high vantage point is always advantageous as shooting downwards provides a slimming effect and perfectly captures all natural moments with the groom sans distractions. But then again, don’t overuse this angle or else the pictures will seem monotonous.
  4. Ask the photographer to take a few shots that focuses on your face from a decent distance – close-ups impart a lovely glow to your face and make you look extremely attractive.
  5. Covering your body shape with the bouquet is a common blunder made by brides as it doesn’t conceal anything and makes you look awkward. Hold the flowers in front of your abdomen as it highlights the curves splendidly without drawing away attention from your face. The posture should be exactly how it is discussed in the 2nd point.

When the photos are delivered, you will understand exactly how trivial factors can make a big difference. For more tips you can consult the photographer, but the best way to go about portrait sessions at the wedding is to have a good time and be happy. A genuine smile is easily distinguishable as compared to a fake one!

Love Strikes in Beijing City: Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild Hall

One of the best experiences you can have while taking photos, is to fall in love with what you photograph. That warm fuzzy feeling comes not when you want it to come, but unexpectedly grabs you after taking that golden shot. While many photos feel great because of the achievement and beauty, there are those that grow a long lasting bond between each other. One such experience has to be my photographing adventure to the Beijing Huguang Guild Hall that I absolutely fell in love with. On my first site of this theatre, I just knew that something magical was about to happen. But if I could actually capture what I had experienced on camera was something that I was uncertain of. Turns out, that this form of ancient Chinese performing arts is simply begging to be capture, photographed and shared with everyone.

Often pictures tell more than a thousand words, but this simply creates curiosity while at the same time expressing so much. It is perhaps because of this rather odd style of performance in these so called “Peking Opera” theaters that captures and entangles ones soul into the mix of beauty, laughter, elegance and something so historical that it smells with a strong flavour without giving away any secrets. While it’s easy to take good shots, the challenge is creating one that simply boggles the mind so that one simply has to go and see the Chinese opera for themselves. If the picture above I took doesn’t do that, nothing will. I have certainly fell in love with the hole art of opera in China, it simply wicked. If you are in Beijing, you HAVE TO go and visit the Huguang Guild Hall. Check it out my friends.

Adam Hall

Grief & Joy of a Changing Season

Bird in Melting Snow

It’s been a long winter, and I have absolutely loved it! And soon the most controversial time of the year is heading our way.. which is, spring of course. Because it’s sometimes hard to see winter go, just the beauty melts and another beauty comes. But the humand mind wants to stick to things.. it’s stupid in a way. Yet in another way, it is like that for a reason.. that saddness of letting something go, and adapting the new. Perhaps that is where a big part of the beauty of changing season is. Most people overlook that and think that it’s just a nasty feeling they want to get over with and continue to the next.

But what if for a day or two, you would just feel that emotion inside of you that wants you to hold on to the season, never to let go because you loved it so much. Just feel it.. and within that feeling of grief you start the transition and a new breeze. Most people might think they don’t enjoy that, but if you do it with passion.. it just might be the most inspirational time for you to put a new creative energy to the next season on line.

This picture of a bird sitting on top of melting snow was inspired by these thoughts. Hope you like it. And remember to enjoy the last moments of winter!


Acrobatic Photo Series Continues in Shanghai

Marvelous Acrobatic Show in Shanghai

Don’t you think it’s interesting that I first show the photo, and then write a description. It’s like when going to an art gallery, first you absorb the picture and only after that you look at the name of the artists, title and so on. Thus you can bring more context into the painting, or photo that you just saw. Such is definitely the case in my photography as well. In fact, I want to kind of give that first fresh shock of just seeing the picture in plain sight. That pure moment, is a moment to treasure. And it’s a moment that will never come back, especially after you’ve read these texts. Well, just thinking.

While this is an experience that I like to bring to people, now it definitely happened to me in a backwards kind of way. You see, I had no intention to go to Shanghai, and see yet another acrobatic show or anything like that. But I stumbled on the Shanghai Acrobatic Show page, which had such amazing photographs that it inspired me to go to Shanghai myself. So I went, according to their recommendation to Shanghai Centre Theatre, which is home to one of the oldest acrobatic troupes in China. It’s also known as “Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe”.

The performance was simply delightful and I could not get enough of watching these skilful acrobatics… Shanghai style! After a long and hard decision, I settled to the picture you are seeing above. It even shocked me how good of a picture I had made.

There was beauty all throughout the show, and I could just fly together with the performance. Not just with my imagination, but also together with the camera. This acrobatic show in Shanghai at Centre Theatre is highly recommended for those who like to “feast with their eyes”. And that’s my humble opinion! Thanks again for watching and reading.

Let’s treasure the moment!


Love For Entertainment is Love for Acrobatics

There is just something about the entertainment industry that makes me tick, you know what I mean? While there are a lot of bad shows out there.. there are those that are some of the best places to train your photographic skills, with moving and fast paced objects. Acrobats have got what it takes to pose in some of the most difficult positions ever!

This is one of the many of my shoots at an acrobatic show in beijing that I have learned to love. When I take my camera out at this event in Chaoyang, every time I experience something different. I find different kinds of situations that can be approached in different kinds of ways. I could never get bored of the show if I have my camera with me.

Now I am currently looking for more great opportunities for photos in Beijing or the rest of China. If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment in the box below! Thank you.


Intricately Towards Hair Care Photo

Hair Care is a subject that touches the lives of many women as hair is known to be one of the most important factors in a persons looks and appearance. To dwell into this world of hair care has been a great trip in terms of photography. There are not that many men who are sensitive enough to catch a unique glimpse of lives of women. The moment when one takes care of their hair is meditative one, and one that reflects the inner feelings of a person. In other words you could say that hair is an intricate thing with many different levels of emotion. I hope you like my photo of this glimpse from the life of an anonymous woman.


Touring Beijing and The Great Wall

My first step in nature photography is one of the most classic ones. Yet, it’s so powerful that there is no doubt as to it’s significance. I got on board the friendly May Tours who are experts in the field of The Great Wall of China and offer Beijing Tours that are guaranteed to have a long lasting effect on you.

But being experts in the field is not enough, you need to go out there and that’s what I did. With May we had an absolutely stunning time. It was like an adventure into the historical and mystic roots of the country. While not everything captures well under the camera lens, there is once destination in Beijing that does so, without fail. The Great Wall of China is actually better understood at first through a professional lens. The rest, is the feeling which must be experienced first hand.

I hardly bothered with the tours in the city itself, but concentrated on the mountainous, clean, beautiful.. heart moving countryside that surrounds the city of Beijing. Enough babbling, I hope my picture speaks for the rest!

Greetings from Beijing,

Mountain High Steps Towards Nature Photography

I had plenty of amazing pictures to show recently, as I was eager to show my work. But it lead me to thinking, that what is the next move I want to do in photography. Then, like a the lightning from the sky.. it blinded my sight and I could only feel it take over my body. I had to go and photograph nature!

Since I don’t settle with letter. I had no choice but to take up an adventure.. I went to see the famous mountain in China. I felt the experience almost erotic, as I got in touch with the mountain spirits which told me that I should take a more natural stance to photography from now on.

But I’m thinking mix.. something from between technology and nature. That would sound the best for me. A mix of both worlds. That’s just how things are nowadays.

Red Theatre Building in Beijing

This red, pulsating building really categorizes itself with the unseen. An oddity amongst the busy Beijing streets, however when it comes to China nothing is really that odd since everything is. The Magnificent Beijing Red Theatre is a glowing example of well, red light!

So basically this is the home of Kung Fu in the city. The theatre hosts a nightly show that is almost up to standards of a modern theatrical production. But the roots are deep and the building is old enough to have that Chinese tackiness that makes some of the most amazing photographs.

I’ve always though that China is probably one of the best places for taking photographs. Everything is unique, similar, a mix of cleanliness and dirtiness. The contrasts are mind boggling, and the mix is non sensical. My description might not make so much sense either.. but to take photographs in Beijing you really just have to let your senses go and trust the stream of, life I guess.

Equally so, this is what the Kung Fu show is trying to teach us. If you see the tacky, glowing, Red Theatre building from afar you will have a certain expectation. If you dare to go inside, you will have another. Such is life.. don’t you agree?