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Red Theatre Building in Beijing

This red, pulsating building really categorizes itself with the unseen. An oddity amongst the busy Beijing streets, however when it comes to China nothing is really that odd since everything is. The Magnificent Beijing Red Theatre is a glowing example of well, red light!

So basically this is the home of Kung Fu in the city. The theatre hosts a nightly show that is almost up to standards of a modern theatrical production. But the roots are deep and the building is old enough to have that Chinese tackiness that makes some of the most amazing photographs.

I’ve always though that China is probably one of the best places for taking photographs. Everything is unique, similar, a mix of cleanliness and dirtiness. The contrasts are mind boggling, and the mix is non sensical. My description might not make so much sense either.. but to take photographs in Beijing you really just have to let your senses go and trust the stream of, life I guess.

Equally so, this is what the Kung Fu show is trying to teach us. If you see the tacky, glowing, Red Theatre building from afar you will have a certain expectation. If you dare to go inside, you will have another. Such is life.. don’t you agree?

Paris Metro

A lot of Paris falls into the “been there done that” category. But on the flip side, a lot is just so marvelous that you cannot help but love it.. for ever. I for one fell in love with the entrance ways to the metro stations in the city. It’s romanticism is a lot to with movies, books and other culture that’s known and associated with the “love mood” of Paris. But also architecturally the design is simply mind boggling. A touch of artistic, combined with “everyday usefulness” and voila! We have a great picture on our hands.


Monaco is a place that lives up to it’s imagine. Stinky rich, expensive with tons of beautiful architecture as well as absolutely stunning nature. The vibes however are not always as warm as the surrounding sea breeze during summer. It’s the smell of money that’s in the air.. which causes all kinds of restrictions. Surprisingly there no beggars in the town, as sitting on the grass is forbidden.. being civilized and following codes of conduct is not for everyone. But without a doubt the picture I shot there was the best experience of all!

Sagrada Familia

The famous Sagrada Familia church is one of the most baffling architectural achievements there are in this world. It has been under construction since 1882.. and is still being built to this day. The pictures simply speak for themselves! Definitely one of the biggest highlights in Catalonia.