Paris Metro

A lot of Paris falls into the “been there done that” category. But on the flip side, a lot is just so marvelous that you cannot help but love it.. for ever. I for one fell in love with the entrance ways to the metro stations in the city. It’s romanticism is a lot to with movies, books and other culture that’s known and associated with the “love mood” of Paris. But also architecturally the design is simply mind boggling. A touch of artistic, combined with “everyday usefulness” and voila! We have a great picture on our hands.


Monaco is a place that lives up to it’s imagine. Stinky rich, expensive with tons of beautiful architecture as well as absolutely stunning nature. The vibes however are not always as warm as the surrounding sea breeze during summer. It’s the smell of money that’s in the air.. which causes all kinds of restrictions. Surprisingly there no beggars in the town, as sitting on the grass is forbidden.. being civilized and following codes of conduct is not for everyone. But without a doubt the picture I shot there was the best experience of all!


If you are looking for an exotic place to travel, why not try the winter.. in Finland! I once did and it was the experience of my life. Summer is good everywhere, especially the South but if you are heading for the winter, North is absolutely the way to go.. and the coldest as well. But don’t be afraid there a few ways to fight the cold and once you are able to cross this limit, you start to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you. For example, put enough clothes on! But the best of all which gives you an insight into Finnish culture is the avanto. It’s basically a hole in the ice, you dip in and dip out. Your body will be in shock for a while, but soon you will feel warm and stronger. Ready to face the severe winter!

Huangshan Mountain

The mountains of Huangshan must be one of the most favorite of mountains for me in China. Situated in Anhui Province, this  mountain range has a very unique, mystical and dreamy feel to it. Not just an ordinary snow peak, it’s form and shape is something that needs to be experienced to understand. Naturally it’s also a World Natural and Cultural Heritage, since 1990. It’s full of pines trees that are oddly shaped, which brings unique character as well. This is a place to meditate!

Shenzhen Happy Valley

One of the most absurd theme parks in China. With a total size of 350,000 square kilometers this place is always surprisingly packed. Shenzhen is quite a modern city in the country, just cross the border and you are in Hong Kong. The park however is an interesting combination of tacky neon lights and modern machines. For me the excitement is finding old coin machines or stuff you would never find from a western theme park.

Sagrada Familia

The famous Sagrada Familia church is one of the most baffling architectural achievements there are in this world. It has been under construction since 1882.. and is still being built to this day. The pictures simply speak for themselves! Definitely one of the biggest highlights in Catalonia.

Bed of Tulips

Tulips are the national flower of Holland although it’s not a native plant. Originally imported to The Netherlands by the Ottoman Empire, many tulip farms are now available for enjoinment. The best time to see the flowers is around April and until the end of March or beginning of May.

Sirkus Finlandia

The famous Sirkus Finlandia was established in 1976 and it’s colorful tacky atmosphere still retains to this day. Neon lights and clowns make endlessly good targets for those tacky shots every one loves as their desktop background. Performances are world class.

In Love

Another wedding related picture of a couple that are obviously in love. Again the main focus of the picture are two small flowers which symbolize the strength and beauty that’s in front of them. The couple itself is simply the manifestation of this energy.

Wedding Flowers

The bride was holding beautiful red roses that she received on her wedding. The red color creates a strong contrast with the wedding dress. Making the roses the main object in the picture.